Dirty Business?

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Students and professors say U. of Miami should come clean about poverty issues facing janitorial employees.

Hitting Them in the Pocket

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NYU sets date to cut stipends going to striking teaching assistants.

NYU Undergrads Join Strike -- for a Day

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Students ditch classes to support their teaching assistants on the picket line.

Conflicting Claims on NYU Strike

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In showdown on TA rights, university says most grad students are on the job; union says its members are holding out.

NLRB Orders George Washington U. to Negotiate With Adjunct Union

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Dispute over collective bargaining for part-time faculty members appears likely to head to court.

Strike Two

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Some NYU graduate students return to the picket lines for a second semester -- but others return to teaching.

Unions for Private College Part-Timers

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Collective bargaining at Syracuse U. represents a growing movement, say organizers.

No More Pay Days

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Stipends are gone for some striking NYU graduate assistants.

Suffolk Part-Timers Unionize

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AAUP’s “Boston experiment” garners another success, say organizers.

Janitors' Strike at U. of Miami Escalates

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Janitors at the University of Miami, most living at or close to the poverty level, have taken concerns about their working conditions to the next level -- a strike. Many have said they are willing to forgo days of pay they describe as meager to raise awareness about low-income workers. And since Tuesday evening, an increasing number have taken to the picket lines, demanding action by both university administrators and the company they work for.  


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