New Tack Against Term Paper Providers

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Student sues 3 Web sites for allegedly infringing copyright and selling her essay without her consent.

A Private Matter Goes Public

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Dispute over alleged plagiarism between 2 Penn scholars, settled quietly over the summer, is aired anew.

Sharing or Plagiarizing?

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President of Saint Louis U. used material for his opening homily from one last year by president of U. of San Francisco.

Perceived Plagiarism at Ohio U.

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One former grad student's charges have prompted some changes -- insufficient, he says -- at an engineering college.

Who Investigates a President?

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If a professor, dean or student is accused of wrongdoing, colleges have procedures. But allegations against presidents raise tough issues.

Media Criticism

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Dean’s admitted résumé fabrications and student press critique prompt a furor in Boston U.’s College of Communication.

Student Plagiarism, Faculty Responsibility

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Ohio U. inquiry finds "rampant" academic misconduct by graduate students -- and holds professors accountable.

Plagiarism Mystery

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Wesley trustees to let president keep job, as external panel says it can't determine who misappropriated work.

A Question of Independence

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Review of plagiarism charges against Wesley president was orchestrated by consultant who's a mentor to the accused.

Differing Standards on Plagiarism

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Professors and students want to know why it's OK for administrators to use material that's not original.


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