Plagiarism Mystery

Smart Title: 
Wesley trustees to let president keep job, as external panel says it can't determine who misappropriated work.

A Question of Independence

Smart Title: 
Review of plagiarism charges against Wesley president was orchestrated by consultant who's a mentor to the accused.

Differing Standards on Plagiarism

Smart Title: 
Professors and students want to know why it's OK for administrators to use material that's not original.

Missing Credentials

Smart Title: 
Following reports on revoked degree, professor loses posts at 2 universities in the past year.

Southern Illinois Chancellor Forced Out

Smart Title: 
Change comes a week after faculty panel found that administrator "lifted" material in strategic plan.

Plagiarism Charge

Smart Title: 
Tennessee Press suspends sale of new book on Andersonville Prison as author admits inappropriate and uncredited similarities to another work.

Traffic School for Essay Thieves

Smart Title: 
Pima Community College tries a new approach to help students tune up on ethics and academics.

Cheating on a Different Level

Smart Title: 
Often seen as an undergraduate problem, academic dishonesty cases are arising at professional schools.

Competing to Catch Plagiarizers

Smart Title: 
Blackboard incorporates a plagiarism detection service into its software, posing potential challenge to Turnitin.

In Support of the E-Test

Smart Title: 
Study makes the case that administering exams electronically can reduce cheating and save faculty time.


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