Cheating on a Different Level

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Often seen as an undergraduate problem, academic dishonesty cases are arising at professional schools.

Competing to Catch Plagiarizers

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Blackboard incorporates a plagiarism detection service into its software, posing potential challenge to Turnitin.

In Support of the E-Test

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Study makes the case that administering exams electronically can reduce cheating and save faculty time.

Plagiarism and the President

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Southern Illinois U. leader raises eyebrows with announcement that a department at his university will review charges that he plagiarized his dissertation.

When Collaboration Goes Too Far

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Potential case of student cheating at Penn's business school raises questions about the prevalence of information sharing on assignments.

Academic Fraud in Collegiate Athletics

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Flurry of cheating cases renews questions about degree of pressure placed on academic support programs since NCAA instituted new rules for sports eligibility.

Southern Illinois President Cleared of Plagiarism

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Faculty panel finds that Glenn Poshard’s citation "errors" in doctoral dissertation probably resulted from “carelessness" but not intentional wrongdoing.

Football Diaries

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“Redshirts,” written by a Middlebury lecturer and playwright, tackles the rocky relationship between academics and athletics at a fictional Division I university.

Saving Time or Betraying Trust?

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A proposal at the University of Maryland to detect possible plagiarism with software pits overworked graduate students against students and professors.

Few Policies on Plagiarism

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Report on history journals finds that they confront complaints on an ad hoc basis -- without the benefit of standard procedures.


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