Southern Illinois President Cleared of Plagiarism

Faculty panel finds that Glenn Poshard’s citation "errors" in doctoral dissertation probably resulted from “carelessness" but not intentional wrongdoing.

Football Diaries

“Redshirts,” written by a Middlebury lecturer and playwright, tackles the rocky relationship between academics and athletics at a fictional Division I university.

Saving Time or Betraying Trust?

A proposal at the University of Maryland to detect possible plagiarism with software pits overworked graduate students against students and professors.

Few Policies on Plagiarism

Report on history journals finds that they confront complaints on an ad hoc basis -- without the benefit of standard procedures.

Arguing Against Free-Market Plagiarism Prevention

Economist's surveys suggest that profession's laissez faire system of fighting scholarly cheating fails if breaches don't get reported or punished.

Confronting -- and Not Confronting -- Plagiarism

History journal editors explain the challenges of dealing with complaints -- while some scholars see inadequacy in current systems.

Victim, Victimizer or Both?

Columbia Teachers College professor who reported noose outside her door is punished for "numerous" instances of using others' scholarship as her own. She charges a "witch hunt."

'Distinguished' No Longer

Fallout continues from a plagiarism saga at Ohio University that has clouded the reputation of the university's engineering college. Earlier this month, Roderick J. McDavis, Ohio's president, for the first time in the institution's history rescinded the title of "distinguished professor," a high academic honor that had been given to engineering professor Jay S. Gunasekera years earlier for his research, teaching and service.

'Originality, Imitation and Plagiarism'

The fire and brimstone approach to preventing plagiarism has failed to promote either understanding of ideas of academic integrity or its practice, according to many essays in a new collection, Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age. The book, just published by the University of Michigan Press, features essays on how these issues play out in different disciplines and a mix of philosophical and practical approaches to an

Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism

To many writing instructors, going nuclear (expulsion threats) or high tech (detection software) have failed to stop cheating. So they aim for small victories, through new approaches to teaching about academic integrity.


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