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Career services (as it now exists) must die, new report argues

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Colleges are not professionally developing students the way they should be, and the solution is to blow up the current system and follow a new blueprint, report argues.

Clemson professors criticize 'trivializing' disability awareness event

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Clemson University aims to raise disability awareness with a role-reversal day, but some professors find the event demeaning.

International educators consider the challenges in integrating students from abroad

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U.S. universities are recruiting increasing numbers of students from abroad, but many worry about the students' disconnection from campus life.

New Mexico State's on-campus housing brings residence life to veteran families

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New Mexico State's veterans-only housing breaks new ground by keeping those students and their families on campus and integrating them into residence life.

New veteran support centers struggle to gain students' trust

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New support centers for veterans are popping up at colleges everywhere. But whether students trust that the office is worth their time depends on how it's put together, officials say.

Paul Quinn College gets eye glasses for 15 percent of its students

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Up to 15 percent of students at Paul Quinn College needed eye glasses but couldn't afford them. Thanks to a blend of conviction, fund-raising and serendipity, now they can.

Amid rape investigations, University of Montana requires all students to take tutorial before enrolling

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U. of Montana requires all students to take and pass online tutorial on sexual assault before registering. Some say the approach is appropriate on a campus marred by accusations of rape; others question its fairness.

Health centers adjust to new federal provision

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Health centers that don't adjust their billing practices for women's preventive services might see more students seeking care off-campus, thanks to a provision in the Affordable Care Act that takes effect today.

The Changing Shape of the U.K. Student Housing Market

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