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Debate over student preparedness for work and who's to blame when it's lacking

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New survey finds disagreement among students, businesses and college leaders over whether and how recent grads are prepared for work. But there is consensus on who's to blame: everybody.

At a small private college, all-night dining allows for more flexible class scheduling

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At Lynn University, one of the first small colleges to offer a 24-hour cafeteria, students are more nourished and classes are more flexible.

Colleges foot bill for career transition programs during academic breaks

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New liberal arts programs expand career services to academic breaks, bringing students back on campus for job hook-ups and development workshops -- and footing the bill.

Meningitis update: more unlicensed vaccine use possible; stay vigilant over holiday break

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As the Princeton cases grow and Thanksgiving holiday approaches, CDC prepares for potentially wider use of an unlicensed vaccine and campus officials nationwide warn students to take precautions.

Georgetown takes comprehensive approach to athlete development

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Georgetown's new athlete development and leadership program bridges sports, academics and student services for a comprehensive approach to leadership education.

More data show students unprepared for work, but what to do about it?

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New survey shows students think they're more prepared for the work force than employers believe they are. The question, its authors ask, is what will anyone do about it?

Civic learning important for nontraditional students too, officials say

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More community and commuter colleges are striving to get students involved in civic engagement projects and courses, which have traditionally thrived at residential campuses.

Maryland lawsuit over captioning for deaf not unique, likely won't be the last

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Maryland is not the first university to be sued over its lack of captioning on scoreboards for deaf attendees at athletic events, nor is it the only campus to lack such an accommodation, experts say.

How boys' and girls' choice of high school affects the college gender gap

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Differences in the types of high schools boys and girls attend may contribute to the college gender gap, study suggests.


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