New study suggests science dissertations increasingly are series of articles, not book-length studies

New study suggests that science dissertations increasingly are research article based, not book-length studies, reflecting the professionalization of the Ph.D.

Politician proposes law to prevent harassers being passed from one institution to another


U.S. representative shares a previously confidential report about sexual harassment by an astronomy professor who went on to teach elsewhere and announces plan to require colleges to tell other institutions about such findings.

Scientists debate conduct of prominent Berkeley astronomer found to have sexually harassed women

Is Berkeley doing enough about a prominent scientist it found to have sexually harassed women for years? Did other scientists look the other way?

AAAS pulls 'sexist' advice column amid outcry from readers


AAAS pulls advice column telling a female postdoc to ignore her adviser's attempts to look down her shirt, amid outcry from scientists.

Study suggests STEM faculty hiring favors women over men


New study suggests STEM hiring favors women over men, in contrast to lots of other research suggesting otherwise. But is there more to the story?

Should a university partner with a political organization to host an event on campus?

Faculty at U.C. San Francisco want to know why their institution is co-sponsoring an event with a group the professors view as anti-science.

Researchers react to study about sexual harassment of scientists in the field


Following a study, scientists call for more attention to sexual harassment and assault prevention at off-campus research sites.

Survey suggests a smaller science-religion divide than many perceive

The divide between scientists and people of faith may be less clearcut than many imagine, in part because many scientists have religious faith, survey finds. But key differences remain, especially on evolution.

Study finds role of star scientist may be growing while role of top department is shrinking

Study suggests that, in science, influence of top departments (while strong) may be shrinking while role of top researchers may be increasing.

Outrage among women in science over how colleague was treated and censored


Many professors are outraged over an e-mail sent to an academic blogger and over the way Scientific American removed her post describing what happened.


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