New focus on helping community college students in STEM fields to a four-year degree

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A series of new grants seek to help community college students in STEM fields successfully transfer to and graduate from four-year institutions -- a path that often is full of obstacles.

Stanford project pushes the need for sex and gender analysis in research

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Stanford project finds that too much research ignores gender, to detriment of women and (in some cases) men.

STEM doctoral students have declining interest in tenure track jobs

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Survey of STEM doctoral students at three research universities reveals their declining interest in tenure-track jobs.

University research officers discuss future of research

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At a roundtable discussion, research officers discuss the future of federally funded research -- and the growth of technology transfer and an emphasis on entrepreneurship at their institutions.

Royal Society wants Britain to see equal value in datasets and journal articles

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Britain's Royal Society wants the government and universities to give equal stature to datasets and to publications.

Study examines migration patterns of scientists

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Study compares countries by percentage of their scientists who were born elsewhere, and tracks their origins.

Survey finds decline in attractiveness of academic jobs to science doctoral students

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As science doctoral students progress toward their Ph.D.s, they become less likely to want to become a professor, survey finds.

University of Aberdeen debates chair in alternative medicine

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Critics decry plans for an alternative medicine chair at University of Aberdeen.

Essay on building a career in a soft money position

With apologies to Madonna, Felicia B. LeClere considers the challenges and benefits of career paths in which you are always looking for funds.

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Johns Hopkins aims to reform early science classes

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Johns Hopkins University asks research-oriented faculty to re-evaluate their introductory science classes.


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