With new global partnerships, a poverty nonprofit hopes to expand research and academic opportunities

Some of the top poverty scholars in northern regions are now working with emerging academics from more southern countries, in hopes of expanding research on poverty.

ProQuest acquires Stanford U. spinoff SIPX

The researcher and library service provider makes another investment in simplifying the discovery of scholarly content with the addition of the Silicon Valley-based start-up.

Q&A with authors of book about redesigning America's community colleges

A new book from researchers at the Community College Research Center posits that the "guided pathways" approach of program development will lead to better outcomes at institutions. 

Australian government backs away from vow to audit 'ridiculous' research grants


After campaign vow to crack down on "over the top" research studies and redirect funds to other areas, Australia's government shows no signs of intervening in grant-making decisions.

Bill would revamp oversight of federal education research

Congressional panel approves legislation -- criticized by some research groups -- that would change how federal education studies are overseen.

How rumors spread via sloppy citation practices

New article points out that through lazy or fraudulent citations, scholars spread rumors -- at times creating "academic urban legends." The story of spinach and an allegedly misplaced decimal point shows how.

Scientists note NSF push for data on mentoring in grant proposals


Some professors applying for NSF grants notice their proposals are increasingly evaluated in part on data-driven evidence of the way they work with students. Not everybody likes the trend.

Researchers seek ethical guidelines for higher ed studies, but privacy concerns remain unsettled

A convention seeks to establish ethical guidelines for research on online learners, even as the larger debate about privacy in higher education rages on.

Senate panel OKs NIH funding boost, increase to Pell Grant

National Institutes of Health would see increase of more than 4 percent next year under a Senate budget measure drafted Tuesday. The maximum Pell award would also grow.

Temple U. professors accused of not sufficiently reporting funding source of their research on private prisons


Two Temple U. professors are under fire for allegedly not disclosing in a working paper and in newspaper op-eds that their private prison-friendly research findings were funded in part by the private prison industry.


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