Change in Climate for Stem Cells?

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Senators and scientists see improved prospects for legislation making more federal funds available for the research.

Losing Their Edge?

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Study suggests that Internet may have eliminated link between working at an elite university and doing the best research.


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Mac-using professors have been frustrated by compatibility problems when applying online for federal funds.

Research on Higher Ed Gets a Boost

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Education Department to create national R&D center on postsecondary education, with a focus on community colleges.

Secrets Not Shared?

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U.S. investigates professor’s research activities, raising issues of academic freedom, xenophobia and foreign relations.

Think Before You Research

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More industry money requires more ethical vigilance by researchers and institutions, a biomedical federation says.

Securing the Labs

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Federal audit finds numerous lapses in the way universities deal with highly dangerous substances.

Free For All

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With expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research off the table, institutions are finding their own way.

Helping a Global Warming Skeptic

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A climate researcher draws criticism for taking money from utility companies.

Scrutiny for Colleges on Earmarks

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A senator wants to know how colleges lobby for government money.


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