U.S. Support for Science Softens

Federal obligations for research appear to flatten in 2005, NSF study finds.

Neither Here Nor There

Anthropologists who aren’t faculty members struggle with identity.

Nobel Doubts

Two physicists ushered in quantum optics, but one got the prize -- leading some to protest.

Research Freedom v. National Security

A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.

IRB 'Shopping' Not a Problem, FDA Concludes

It's not often that the federal government (or company or university or other large organization, for that matter) says openly: Never mind. We were wrong.

Scientific Discourse or Prior Restraint?

Researchers sought to hold up publication of a study on logging and forest regeneration they say is flawed.

The Post-Sputnik Era, Redux

Bolstering U.S. competitiveness is not just the government's job, research university group says in new report.

The President Discovers Science

In State of the Union address, Bush proposes doubling spending on basic research in physical sciences over a decade.

After the State of the Union

Colleges applaud Bush effort to boost basic research, but await details on which agencies will gain -- and which might lose.

Keeping His Word on Science

President’s R&D budget boosts NSF and energy research, but NIH and other agencies tread water.


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