Keeping His Word on Science

President’s R&D budget boosts NSF and energy research, but NIH and other agencies tread water.

Economy of Research

Caroline Hoxby, an economist at Harvard, answers the call for higher standards in education research.

Cut Off and Quickly Restored

Federal agency suspends funds for a controversial logging study, citing concerns over lobbying, then reverses itself.

Seeking the Middle Ground in Hawaii

President recommends that U. of Hawaii create controversial Navy research center, but bar classified work.

Patent Windfall for U. of California

Monsanto agrees to pay $100 million up front and at least $5 million a year in royalties to end dispute over cow growth hormone.

Money Isn't Everything

Academic research is often big business these days. But the Association of University Technology Managers wants the world to know that it’s about helping people, too.

In 2 States, Clashes Over Laboratory Data

As one animal rights group seeks university research records in Mississippi, an Ohio court turns away a similar challenge.

Rare Budget Win for Colleges

Senate backs $7 billion increase in funds available for education and health spending -- mainly to undo previous cuts.

Mi Lab Es Su Lab

Thanks to innovative software, some MIT laboratories are open to the world.

Cosmetics and Appearances at Hopkins

University, embarrassed by charges it was selling its name, changes ties to company pushing upscale moisturizers.


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