Going on the Offensive Against Animal 'Liberationists'

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As a battleground for the animal liberation movement, the University of California at Los Angeles has weathered threats, intimidation and property damage directed against several of its researchers over the past few years. Today -- two weeks after a firebomb went off at the same professor's house that in October was flooded with a garden hose -- the university moved beyond law enforcement, the bully pulpit and security reinforcements and filed a lawsuit against three groups and five individuals.

Measuring 'Impact' of B-School Research

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Ask anyone with an M.B.A.: Business school provides an ideal environment to network, learn management principles and gain access to jobs. Professors there use a mix of scholarly expertise and business experience to teach theory and practice, while students prepare for the life of industry: A simple formula that serves the school, the students and the corporations that recruit them.

Moving Past the Start-Up Grant

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New Howard Hughes program for early career scientists aims to support researchers in their first years running an independent lab.

Clarion Call for More NIH Funding

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Six research universities and a teaching hospital warn of a "broken pipeline" for young researchers in the biomedical sciences.

Where No Researcher Wants to Be

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U.S. senator singles out U. of Cincinnati psychiatrist as symbol of what's wrong with corporate entanglements in biomedical science.

A Pentagon Olive Branch to Academe

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Defense secretary discusses plans for new university consortia and grants -- largely in social sciences -- for non-classified research, and pledges no political restrictions.

Pentagon Provides Details on 'Minerva'

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When Robert M. Gates, the secretary of defense, announced plans for the Minerva Consortia last month, he surprised many social scientists. Gates proposed the creation of a series of university-based consortiums to support research on questions of importance to the military, but said that the research would be unclassified and would not be subject to political litmus tests.

A Call to Fund the Young and Risky

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Experts on academic science say federal systems discourage just the kind of grants that are most needed.

Researchers' Financial Disclosures in the Spotlight

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Conflicts of interest, always an emotional topic, returned to the headlines this week as Sen. Charles Grassley, a longtime critic of the drug industry's potential influence on research, released new evidence that prominent Harvard University scientists had failed to disclose much of their outside income from pharmaceutical companies over the past eight years.

Research Methods 'Beyond Google'

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When "Google" has become a synonym for "research," how should faculty respond? And if the answer doesn't lie in musty books and stacks of journals, are libraries still part of the answer?


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