Experiment in the Health Sciences

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Starting from scratch at the University of Minnesota's newly chartered Rochester campus, a team of faculty begins a project that aims to revolutionize teaching and learning.

Hard Science

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During a year when finding federal dollars for scientific research was difficult, minority-serving institutions fared worse than academe as a whole, a new report finds.

The Mobile Campus

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What did Abilene Christian University learn in its first year as a self-appointed guinea pig for mobile learning technology?

History, But No Smoking Gun

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University of Maryland releases findings of inquiry into its ties to slavery.

Correcting a Style Guide

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American Psychological Association concedes its new manual has plenty of mistakes, but won't pay to provide error-free copies to faculty and students.

Are Today's Grads Unprofessional?

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Today’s college graduates do not exhibit as much professionalism as their employers expect of them, according to a new study from York College of Pennsylvania.

Funding Publics

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U. of California's Yudof, other public presidents turn to the federal government for financial support.

Strike Looms at CUNY

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Professional Staff Congress, representing 85 employees at the City University of New York Research Foundation, is likely to walk out over health care, raises.

Shift in Researcher Population

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Among worldwide total, China's share has grown dramatically in last 5 years while the U.S. and Europe have seen declines.

Blasting Academic Silos

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American University officials say the insularity of colleges within universities is a bane to both I.T. efficiency and scholarly innovation.


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