Promoting Competition in Ag Research

Senators and scientists consider ways to shift more funds to peer review and away from formulas.

Are Public Universities Losing Ground?

Data suggesting big edge in faculty research output at private institutions is questioned, but seen as emblematic of evidence yet to come.

Stem Cell Policy Impedes Research, NIH Chief Says

Key senator applauds Zerhouni's "courageous" statement criticizing White House's 2001 policy.

A Lab of Their Own

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute initiative intends to increase number of women who are full professors in the sciences.

40 Years of Changes in the Student Body

Researchers who conduct annual survey of freshmen offer a look at long-term trends.

Round 2 on Stem Cells

Senate debates 2 bills -- one that would relax federal restrictions and one backed by President Bush.

Visa Troubles

A research project is on hold and a speech canceled as an Iraqi professor's attempts to come to North America are stymied.

Improving Graduate Education

Panelists discuss a Council of Graduate Schools report on lost ground and how to boost competitiveness in teaching and research.

Filling the Void

Latest critique of education schools says poor preparation of researchers leaves key policy questions to interest groups.

Promotion Decision Questioned

Or not questioned enough? New Mexico professor decries inaction amid charges that a colleague misrepresented qualifications.


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