Downturn in Federal Research Spending

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New U.S. data show agencies' spending on R&D declined in 2008 and that funds for basic studies have fallen by average of nearly 2 percent a year since 2004.

Are College Athletes Psyching Themselves Out?

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Study suggests perceived threat of confirming negative stereotypes may cause some -- but not all -- of academic achievement gap between athletes and non-athletes.

Unread Monographs, Uninspired Undergrads

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Increased scholarly output and student disengagement are linked, according to a new white paper that calls for relieving the "research mandate" in the humanities.

New Knock Against Earmarking

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As Europe looks enviously at U.S. research productivity, economists examine which policy changes are likely to spur innovation. (Hint: Autonomous universities and competition for funds.)

The Faculty and Undergrad Research

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To draw more students into laboratories and field work, professors have to be on board first -- and rewards in the tenure process are key, participants in D.C. panel say.

Drawing Lines on Conflicts of Interest

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University and med school groups endorse prospect of increased oversight of financial conflicts in biomedical research, up to a point.

The Interdisciplinary Science Library

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Information experts consider how shifts in research change their role.

A Geneticist for NIH Director

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President Obama chooses the genome scientist Francis Collins as his nominee for director of the biomedical research agency.

One-Man Peer Review

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In annual ritual, lawmaker questions wisdom of U.S. research grants, this time about spread of HIV in foreign lands. House backs the critic, striking the funds.

Explaining U.S. Research Slide

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Paper attributes comparative drop in American university productivity internationally to decline in financial support for public universities.


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