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A Merger on Whose Terms?

As Polytechnic board prepares for university to be absorbed by NYU, some trustees see lack of due diligence, squelching of faculty views, and conflicts of interest.

Polytechnic Board Approves Merger Into NYU

A month after vote was put off, amid complaints from alumni and some trustees, the deal moves ahead.

Shifts in Ph.D. Tuition Policy

Cornell U. and U. of Pennsylvania move to uniform pricing structures — and in Cornell’s case, a lower one. Its goal: To help professors retain their grant monies.

Another First for SAT-Optional Movement

Wake Forest ends requirement, becoming the first nationally ranked private university to do so. Worcester Polytechnic, first science institute to drop requirement, sees gain in first year.

Women, Men and Service

Research released in new book argues that a set of nuanced issues -- such as assignments that take female professors away from scholarly inquiry -- limit their advancement.

Encouraging Interdisciplinarity

Consortium of research universities considers steps to support cross-departmental research by making changes at faculty and administrative levels.

Almost Ready for the Doctoral Program Rankings

National Research Council -- gearing up for February's long awaited and delayed evaluations -- offers hints on parts of its approach, and hears reservations about methodology.

International Applications Up 4%

The growth is concentrated among graduate schools that already have the largest numbers of foreign students.

A Culture of Assessment

Hofstra U. students did not think much of the services and community offered them, until the institution discovered and responded to their concerns via a cycle of surveys.

Split Over Open Access

10 university press directors back requirements for free online versions of federally sponsored research -- even as presses' association fights to end such a requirement.


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