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Shallower Pockets

With research revenues and donations down, Case Western Reserve came up a little short.

Fordham Will Shut Down Marymount

Women's college was absorbed by larger university 5 years ago, but couldn't attract enough students to survive.

Coming to America

Washington U. in St. Louis offers an elite group of international students a graduate education -- and sends professors home with them.

Basic Research and National Security

A new report warns that declining funds for physics and engineering puts more than the U.S.'s economic status at risk.

On Strike

In showdown over TA unions at private universities, NYU grad students walk off the job.

What Makes Grad Students Graduate?

Study looks for factors that encourage Ph.D. completion and finds that expectations count for a lot.

A Key Senator's Suggestions

It's far from clear, at this relatively early stage, whether the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education will go the legislative route to pursue whatever changes its members desire. But if the panel chooses to do so, it will almost certainly need the help of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the former U.S. education secretary and University of Tennessee president who heads the Senate's education subcommittee. 

New Leader for University Group

Robert Berdahl -- who led UC-Berkeley and UT-Austin -- will move into Washington role at Association of American Universities.

Gone, but Not Forgotten

Senate scrutiny of Alito's ties to reactionary alumni group provokes reflection on Princeton's past and present.

New International Alliance

10 leading universities worldwide -- including Berkeley and Yale from U.S. -- create partnership designed to move beyond typical exchanges.


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