God, Fashion, Affect

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What's hot and what's not (theory?) at the book exhibits of the Modern Language Association.

Next Chapter for E-Books

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New program from SUNY Press makes front-list, hardcover titles available simultaneously in electronic form at price it hopes students can afford.

A Press Revolt Against E-Packet Practices

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Suit against Georgia State University may be start of tangling over how business models for textbook publishing online will evolve.

Michigan Severs Ties to Controversial Publisher

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Following outrage over anti-Israel book it was distributing for British outfit, university press revises its rules and ends ties to leftist Pluto, which says free expression has been hurt.

University Presses Start to Sell Via Kindle

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Just months after Amazon launched its portable reader, academic publishing is starting to experiment with the model.

Fight Over a Beloved (and Lucrative) Book

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U. of Nebraska Press sold almost one million copies of Black Elk Speaks. The director moved to SUNY and now the book is moving too. Fair game or unfair edge?

Unlikely Haven for Humanities Publishing

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U. of Houston-Victoria, home to a host of scholarly publications and activities, is an emerging intellectual destination (albeit one whose coordinates not everyone knows yet).

Could a Press End Up on Chopping Block?

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Fears of Utah State University's scholarly publishing arm illustrate the vulnerability of academic publishing in a year of massive budget cuts.

Pirates vs. University Presses

Smart Title: 
Entire scholarly books are starting to appear -- without permission -- on Web sites that flaunt their violation of traditional copyright laws.

Farewell to the Printed Monograph

Smart Title: 
U. of Michigan Press plans dramatic move in scholarly publishing, shifting to a digital model -- with hopes of being able to increase production of important, non-commercial research.


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