Pay Attention to the Job Ad

Cheryl Reed and Dawn M. Formo explain how to use position announcements to improve your chances.

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Battle for German Brains

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Amid tight academic job market in the U.S., Germany pushes Ph.D. students to get postdocs in America -- then to come home and promote change.

An 'Instructor Like Me'

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Minority students at community colleges are more likely to succeed when they have minority instructors, study finds. For white students, performance drops.

Sociology Job Market Improves

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Number of searches was up dramatically in 2010, but still lags figures from 2008. And grad students' interests create "mismatch" issues with available positions.

Think Like a Colleague

To succeed in job interviews, especially during the economic downturn, grad students need to shift mindsets, write Cheryl Reed and Dawn M. Formo.

Preparing for Interviews

Ellen Spertus reviews the practical issues one needs to handle before leaving.

The Skill Set We Need

To thrive in this era, faculty members need to think about departments and disciplines in strategic ways that aren't taught in graduate school, writes Martin S. Edwards.

Recovery in Political Science

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Discipline shows signs of an improved job market, with strong gains in assistant professor positions. Plus a new analysis of tenure decisions.

Gadgets and the Job Search

Matt Might shares ideas on the tools you need when traveling for interviews.

Skype Interviews Should Stay

Colleges that tried the approach to save money on initial screening shouldn't go back to the meat market of conferences, writes Lynn Lubamersky.


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