Passions and Placement

One part of summer prep for the job market should be indulging in a few interests that don't relate directly to your scholarship, writes Teresa Mangum.

The For-Profit Option

As faculty jobs evaporate elsewhere, hiring is strong in a non-traditional sector. David Clinefelter discusses the qualities that are important to those doing the hiring.

Inside a Search

When a philosophy department receives more than 600 applications for a tenure-track opening, how does it make a decision? Lou Marinoff describes the process.

Composing the CV

Want to impress search committees? Don't leave mysteries, follow your discipline's conventions, and use flair for your writing, not your fonts, suggests Teresa Mangum.

Interview Meals


Rebecca Aanerud and Jerry Baldasty explain what (not) to eat, and the non-culinary questions that should be your focus.

I'm Sorry I Published

Ever since this piece on the hiring process in philosophy was published in Inside Higher Ed, there has been a lot of discussion about the role that pedigree should play in hiring committees' decisions about job candidates (see here, here, and

Be Prepared

Mary Sies saved -- and shares -- every question she was asked in her job search, plus advice on how to answer.

Interview Season

Ari Kelman shares advice on preparing for and handling job interviews at academic conferences.

The 2-Year Option

Worried humanities job seekers should consider positions at community colleges, writes Tom Hurley.

Hiring at 2-Year Colleges

Tom Hurley explains what you need to know about the application and review process.


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