Skype Interviews Should Stay

Colleges that tried the approach to save money on initial screening shouldn't go back to the meat market of conferences, writes Lynn Lubamersky.

Thoughts on Collegiality

A colleague's tragically early death prompts Teresa Mangum to consider the qualities those starting their careers need -- especially in such difficult times.

Oh the (need for) humanity…

Teresa Mangum suggests some basic rules of communication and courtesy for search committees.

Being There

Teresa Mangum considers how departments should manage on-campus interviews.

What You'll Be Asked

In my first essay, I discussed general guidelines for preparing for interviews for faculty jobs at community colleges. Now I want to be really practical. These are actual questions asked during interviews for English faculty in the past two years. You won’t be asked all of them, but my bet is that every question you might be asked is among these examples.

The colleges wish to remain anonymous, so I have identified them by number only.

Community College #1

Just Say Dough

The first best step toward a job is avoiding debt, writes Teresa Mangum.

Preparing for the Non-Academic Interview

In the first of a two-part essay, Christine Kelly reviews the stereotypes and key questions a Ph.D. will face, and how to overcome them.

Trusting the Amateurs

Job interviewers often avoid asking questions about candidates' areas of expertise out of fear of “discriminating.” What’s wrong with discrimination? asks Mikita Brottman.

Get Ready for Your Search

Claire Potter offers advice for those going on the market for the first time, those who never left, and those who are returning.

Passions and Placement

One part of summer prep for the job market should be indulging in a few interests that don't relate directly to your scholarship, writes Teresa Mangum.


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