English Jobs Hold Steady

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As interview season arrives, MLA releases job figures that encourage some, but leave others anxious.

Getting Along

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In an effort to spread collegiality, literature professors identify ways to stop bickering.

Tests of Faith

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Wheaton of Illinois faces scrutiny for firing professor who became Catholic; Oklahoma Christian U. may fire those who divorce.

Divinely Inspired Bias?

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Legal experts say U. of Charleston job requirements for "In God We Trust" chair suggest violation of Civil Rights Act.

Charleston Ends Illegal Job Requirement

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West Virginia institution says it erred in requiring applicants for endowed chair to believe in God.

Federal Inquiry on Women in Science

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Education Department plans review of whether colleges' treatment of female students and faculty members violates Title IX.

The Gen X Professor

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The new cohort of scholars is not just younger and more diverse -- new research suggests a values gap colleges need to address.

Explaining the Gender Gap in Pay

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Biases beyond sex may be important factors for why female professors earn less, new study suggests.

Preparing for the Future Faculty

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Hiring well in face of retirements and growing enrollments requires strategic planning and campus collaboration.

The Evolving (Eroding?) Faculty Job

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2 leading scholars of the professoriate release book outlining just how dramatically academic work is changing.


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