A Loyalty Oath Firing in 2008

Instructor at Cal State East Bay loses position after trying to amend required statement.

Should Prospective Faculty Disclose Criminal Backgrounds?

A Penn faculty committee votes against requiring information of all applicants, but some experts say that the questions should be asked of everyone.

The Seniority Pay Cut

Colleges consider how to end salary compression and inversion – and whether it’s time to spend more on keeping faculty talent than getting new faculty talent.

Divorce: Grounds for Dismissal

At Wheaton in Illinois, a professor resigns to avoid being fired under college policy on marriage.

'Quiet Desperation' of Academic Women

Interviews with 80 female faculty members at a research university -- the largest qualitative study of its kind -- have found that many women in careers are deeply frustrated by a system that they believe undervalues their work and denies them opportunities for a balanced life. While the study found some overt discrimination in the form of harassment or explicitly sexist remarks, many of the concerns involved more subtle "deeply entrenched inequities."

In Culture Wars or Duke-Bashing, Do Facts Matter?

Have you heard the one about the psychology chair who won't hire Republicans? As it turns out...

Defining Political Correctness and Its Non-Impact

New analysis of faculty database finds identifiable group of professors with common views on bias, but no willingness to discriminate on politics -- and considerable success for the politically incorrect.

Early Decision -- for Faculty Jobs

In humanities fields where interviews typically take place in December and January, some departments are moving up the deadlines, winnowing and hiring.

Keys to Hiring Women in Science

New research examines relationship between specific practices by search committee and odds of female finalists or hires.

Is There a Pharmacist in the House?

In response to overwhelming demand for graduates, more institutions create pharmacy colleges.


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