U. of Missouri moves toward giving adjuncts voting rights in faculty governance


U. of Missouri at Columbia considers becoming the latest institution where shared governance includes those off the tenure track.

Harvard will change job ad asking for recent doctorates

First Colorado State, now Harvard. Job announcements favoring recent Ph.Ds. at these universities spur discussion and anger.

Colorado State criticized for job posting favoring recent Ph.D.s

Colorado State job ad says candidates must have earned Ph.D.s in 2010 or later -- and the unusual requirement has some academics seeing unfair bias against those who entered the job market at a terrible time.


Court ruling points to tough issues for dual career couples

Brown recruited a dean. He said his wife -- a tenured professor -- needed an appropriate post, and the university complied. But the terms changed, and it took years of litigation for her to get original deal.

NRC report calls for greater investment and improved efficiency for research universities

U.S. research universities' global dominance will be threatened in coming years unless governments invest more and universities become more efficient and better educate under-represented groups, according to new National Research Council report.

Law may contribute to advising overload at California's community colleges

Some California community colleges have 1,700 students per academic adviser. But a state law designed to protect faculty jobs may help prevent the hiring of more counselors.

MLA panel considers changes in the academic job search

Incredibly tight academic job market in the humanities is changing strategies of search committees and candidates.

Colleges and states scramble to comply with instructor credential rules for dual-credit courses

A recent accreditation policy has many colleges -- particularly in rural areas -- struggling to find qualified instructors to teach popular dual-credit courses for high school students.

Dutch universities fail to meet targets on hiring female professors


Most Dutch universities are missing goals for hiring increased share of female faculty members.

New calls for clear, easily accessible data on Ph.D. program outcomes in life sciences

Calls for clear, easily accessible data on Ph.D. program outcomes have failed to produce results at any kind of scale. A new coalition of 10 life sciences institutions hopes to change that.


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