Review Board finds professor's tweet was not research

Review board at University of New Mexico finds no evidence to back tenured professor's claim that his fat-shaming tweet was research.



Former American U. professor charges institution with age discrimination and lack of commitment to professional track

American U. says it has track for those with non-academic careers who want to join the faculty. A suit charges that the university only values traditional academic credentials.

Essay on the evolving role of diversity director

Gretchel Hathaway considers the evolution of campus moves to be more inclusive, and the officials who lead such efforts.

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Flurry of campus debates over statements that offend many


Rochester professor questions whether rape is problematic if victim is passed out. Hopkins professor equates homosexuality with bestiality. And Princeton women are urged to marry Princeton men -- pronto.

Harvard Law Review to consider gender in editor selection process

With only 9 women among 44 editors, the Harvard Law Review expands its affirmative action policy to include gender.

Study of British university students points to issue of bias in academic hiring


Study of British students points to potential for bias in academic hiring.

New book on diversity work in higher education

Editors discuss new book on diversity work within higher education.

Dispute at Gallaudet over chief diversity officer's gay marriage stance


Gallaudet's decision to suspend and to rehire its chief diversity officer over her stance against gay marriage raises issues about administrators' rights and responsibilities.

Reinstatement of sororities at Swarthmore College sparks controversy

As a group of women readies to open a sorority to Swarthmore for the first time in 80 years, some students are calling for a schoolwide referendum, arguing that a sorority violates the college's Quaker values and emphasis on learning.

Applicant sues over law school's alleged failure to account for grade inflation in admissions


Applicant alleges that Baylor University's law school discriminated against him by not accounting for grade inflation in admissions.


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