Paying for Shabazz

Carnegie Mellon said the university never provided funds for a hateful speaker. But one of its research centers had pledged support. 

Protection for Title IX Whistle Blowers

Employees who face retaliation for bringing gender bias claims are entitled to damages, Supreme Court rules.

Less Immunity for Public Colleges?

A federal appeals court ruling could make state institutions more vulnerable to lawsuits by disabled students.

The New Larry Summers on Women and Science

Harvard's president gave another talk last night -- and offered very different views from those that got him in hot water.

Mixed Signals for ASL

On the upswing nationally, sign language is on the defensive at Brown.

NCAA Urges U.S. to Rescind Title IX Guidance

Association leaders tell colleges to ignore Education Department policy on e-mail surveys of athletes' interest.

'Careless Words' Cost a Coach His Job

In American society today, some words just can't be apologized away.

Headed for the High Court

Supreme Court will decide long-running dispute over campus access for military recruiters.

Confederates Defeat Vanderbilt

Appeals court says university must pay -- if it wants to change controversial name of a dormitory.

Columbia Says No, Still, to ROTC

The university's Senate rejects a proposal urging an end to the three-decade boycott of military reserve program for students.


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