AWOL on Civil Rights?

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Black college leaders charge Education Department is ignoring the way duplicative programs, which hurt their institutions, are being set up.

Divorce: Grounds for Dismissal

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At Wheaton in Illinois, a professor resigns to avoid being fired under college policy on marriage.

Where Multicultural Ed and Internationalization Meet

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Or don't. Panelists discuss challenges to collaboration between the two fields, as well as common ground, as largest-ever conference of international educators convenes.

New Test for Bias in Peer Review

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Economist suggests a focus on the relative impact of articles adjacent to one another in journals.

Gender Bias Alleged -- Again -- at Florida Gulf Coast

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Former provost sues in part over sexually demeaning comments that she says ex-president made and in part for way she says allegations of discrimination were handled.

Supreme Court Punts

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Justices opt -- for now -- not to resolve dispute over right of public universities to bar anti-gay bias and right of Christian groups to be recognized as student organizations.

All for Wearing a Hijab

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After filing a racism complaint about a professor, a Georgia State student claims she was subjected to even more discrimination -- this time by the university.

Reaching Black Men

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Philander Smith -- without much money -- finds ways to raise graduation and retention rates.

A Degree, At Long Last

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U. of California suspends moratorium on honorary degrees so it can recognize hundreds of Japanese-American students who were sent to internment camps during World War II.

If It Can Happen To Him ...

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For black male academics, the arrest of Henry Louis Gates represented their experiences and fears of profiling, no matter how many degrees they have earned.


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