Clemson coach faces criticism over comments about athlete protests


Head of Clemson football program says some protesting police violence against black people should move to another country, and implies his comments reflect the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr.

Protests, racist incidents lead to more multicultural programs on campuses


As first academic year since last fall's protests start, many colleges are adding diversity programs to orientation or requiring students to complete online multicultural training.

U of Chicago letter to new students on safe spaces sets off intense debate

The university's note to new students sets off national debate on safe spaces, trigger warnings and more. Presidents of Bowdoin and Yale, with different tone, urge engagement with uncomfortable ideas.

U of Iowa re-evaluates the concept of bias response teams


U of Iowa, responding to criticism of practices at other colleges, says it will hold off on starting a team until it can do so in a new way.

Charles Sykes takes higher education to task once again with a new book

Author of the 1988 book Profscam, conservative talk radio host Charles Sykes, discusses his new book that again takes on higher education. 

Following summer of shootings and protests, campus officials urge unity


After a tense summer nationally, and fearing a return of campus protests, college officials call for a peaceful start to the academic year.

Northwestern joins Harvard in urging exclusive clubs to open up their membership


Colleges are asking if there's still a place on campus for student groups with limits on who may join.

Both houses of Tennessee Legislature vote to bar use of state funds for university diversity office


Tennessee Legislature votes to cut all state funds for office that promotes diversity at state's flagship university, where students walked out of class to oppose the legislation.

U of Wisconsin student pulled from class, arrested for anti-racist graffiti


U of Wisconsin police pull black student from class to arrest him for allegedly spray-painting anti-racist messages across campus, prompting criticism that university cares more about graffiti than bigotry.

Survey finds nearly 1 in 10 freshmen plan on participating in campus protests


Annual survey of incoming college freshmen finds interest in student activism at all-time high, especially among black students.


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