Diversity plays positive and negative roles in University of Kentucky provost search


After media scrutiny about all the white men in the University of Kentucky administration, two women and a Hispanic male are named finalists in the provost search. Can a public emphasis on diversity undermine the goal?

Emory president sets off uproar with statements on three-fifths compromise and then apologizes


Emory president praises Constitution's three-fifths compromise as model for dealing with disagreements today.  Facing outrage, he apologizes for "clumsiness and insensitivity."

Critics point to double standards in discipline after Texas coaches' affairs

Two Texas sports officials -- a black female track coach and a white male football coach -- had affairs with students, but only one was fired. Critics say double standards are at work.

Study debunks myth that male faculty 'milk' paid leave

Male faculty members don't take paid parental leave as often as critics assert, even when their spouses also work.

Job ads' 'physical demands' raise eyebrows

Faculty advocates and disability law experts question physical requirements included in many of Azusa Pacific University's job ads.

Tensions simmer between American and international students

Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.

Nevada student files lawsuit about explicitly sexual class assignments

A Nevada community college student files a federal lawsuit over explicitly sexual class assignments and alleged harassment.

Catholic colleges worry as number of female presidents falls

For decades, female presidents led the majority of Catholic colleges. But as women leaders have gained ground elsewhere, at Catholic colleges, they’re disappearing.

Evergreen State cancels 'Day of Absence' that set off series of protests and controversies


Annual event, seen as way to highlight needs of minority groups, set off major controversy last year.

North Texas administrator criticizes push to name new building for a woman or minority individual


Administrator says it is "reverse racism" to seek more diversity in the names of buildings.


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