Lipscomb president apologizes again after menu choices at dinners for African-American and Latino students come under scrutiny

President who apologized for cotton centerpieces at event for black students now is sorry for a menu that many see as insensitive for being stereotypically black cuisine.

ADL says to expect more white supremacist leaflets on campuses


After nearly 200 incidents of white supremacist propaganda on college campuses last year, Anti-Defamation League warns that one group is ramping up its activities.

Study: delivering microaggressions linked with harboring racist attitudes


Study finds that students who deliver microaggressions are also likely to harbor racist attitudes.

Sikh scholar harassed over photo of another man in front of Trump Tower

Conservative website used photo of someone else raising both middle fingers to Trump Tower.

After news reports on tweets, queer advocate fired from Claremont Colleges


Former leader of Claremont Colleges’ resource center for LGBTQ students believes he was fired for his Twitter comments on white people and the police.

California travel ban highlights dilemmas facing some academic conferences


California’s ban on using state funds to travel to Texas highlights the dilemma facing national groups with meetings scheduled to take place there.

Education Department suggests less expansive approach to OCR investigations

To distress of advocates, Education Department tells civil rights investigators to focus on individual complaints -- and not automatically go beyond them -- in looking for history of discrimination at institutions.

U of Illinois calls off James Watson lecture over his racist comments


U of Illinois research institute agreed to host James Watson. But it called off the event after faculty members cited his comments on race, intelligence and geography.

White nationalist, backed by court order, appears at Auburn


University barred Richard Spencer from appearing, and he said he would come anyway. With court backing, he spoke and was challenged by some in the audience and many protesting outside.

Kean Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit for $375K

Kean University has settled an age discrimination lawsuit filed by one of its former administrators, NJ.com reported. The New Jersey institution did not admit any wrongdoing in the suit but agreed to fork out $375,000 in the settlement.

William DeGarcia filed the age discrimination lawsuit after Kean overlooked him for a promotion in January 2013 and instead offered the position to a less experienced woman under the age of 40. In the suit, DeGarcia, who was 55 at the time, said the university was looking for “new blood.”

DeGarcia had held multiple positions at the university, including three years as interim director of the Exceptional Educational Opportunities and Educational Opportunity Fund Program. His contributions as director were noticed by Governor Chris Christie and Senator Robert Menendez.

Kean settled the suit in December for $375,000, with $260,000 to be paid directly to DeGarcia.

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