Hiding Adjuncts From 'U.S. News'


Everyone knows that adjuncts and graduate assistants do a lot of the teaching these days, right? Well, maybe not everyone.

Can Free Speech Be Furloughed?

The day after a peaceful protest over budget conditions at a California community college, four professors -- including a union president -- are placed on leave and banned from campus.

Seeking Tenure 'Conversion'

In discussions about the use and abuse of adjunct faculty members, "conversion" is a controversial topic. Typically it refers to a decision by a college or university to convert some number of adjunct positions into a number (typically a smaller number) of tenure-track positions. The idea of conversion has been key to the reform proposals of national faculty groups.

DNA Swab for Your Job

U. of Akron says all new employees must be willing to submit to an unusual test for academic employment. Adjunct leader quits in disgust.

When Is a Suspension Not a Suspension?

Southwestern College says that barring professors from teaching or stepping on campus isn't a punishment.

The Uninsured Adjunct

Suit in Massachusetts draws attention to lack of health coverage for many of those off the tenure track -- even those who work full time.

Labor College's Deal Questioned

At many faculty gatherings these days, one hears quips and complaints about for-profit higher education. Professors who value what they consider essential and eroding traditions -- a significant tenure-track faculty and the centrality of the liberal arts, for example -- resent the adjunct-heavy, career-education dominant model of higher education that is widely used in for-profit higher ed. As a result, many faculty advocates are skeptical not only about for-profit higher education, but about the growing number of alliances between nonprofit colleges and for-profit colleges.

AAUP Forced to Redo Election

U.S. Labor Department forces new procedure for selecting chair of the association's state conferences.

Salaries Fell for 32.6% of Faculty

Median salary change for 2009-10 was 0%. Disciplinary gaps remain significant.

Apology Ends Defamation Suit

Publisher of newsletter that criticizes CUNY's faculty union sees vindication, as litigation ends without his having to pay anything. But the plaintiff sees victory as well.


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