Moving to 'Conversion'

For some time now, large gatherings of faculty members have included a session about adjuncts. Those frustrated at being kept off of the tenure track would hear the latest data on the shrinking pool of tenure-track jobs and attendees would trade horror stories about the use and abuse of part-timers. And then the meeting would get back to its regular agenda.

Faculty Salaries Up 3.4%

Increases are highest at private institutions and doctoral institutions -- and in selected disciplines.

Uniting Against Horowitz

Coalition opposed to Academic Bill of Rights discusses its plans.

A Win-Win on Health Benefits

Calif. community college district is using bonds to provide retiree benefits -- and to free up money for current faculty members.

Explaining the Gender Gap in Pay

Biases beyond sex may be important factors for why female professors earn less, new study suggests.

The Eroding Faculty Paycheck

Inflation outpaced professorial raises for second year in a row. Plus lists of highest and lowest salary averages.

Ask and You Might Receive

Professor urges women in academe to stop “underselling themselves.”

The Evolving (Eroding?) Faculty Job

2 leading scholars of the professoriate release book outlining just how dramatically academic work is changing.

Boycott Debate Is Back

Some British academics again try to isolate colleges and professors in Israel -- and other academics see the movement as offensive.

Teaching, Research, Service ...

Texas A&M University will give extra credit in tenure process to professors whose work has commercial applications.


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