Technology transfer

Ethics and Patents

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Yale says it is giving up some potential profits to help developing nations get HIV drugs -- and university ends up getting criticized.

Dissecting a Deal

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New book examines the pact between Berkeley and Novartis -- and finds that the controversy may have been more important than first recognized.

9 (Suggested) Commandments of Research Licensing

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Group of research institutions and the AAMC release guidelines for technology transfer.

Easing Friction Over Tech Transfer

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Panelists before a House subcommittee discuss the changing nature of innovation, patents and the Bayh-Dole Act.

Ending the Intellectual Property Frenzy

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New president of Rochester Institute of Technology proposes alternate way for academe to support business and the economy -- and it involves admitting that your institution won't have a big windfall.

The State of Tech Transfer

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Annual survey shows an increase in the number of inventions, new products and patent licenses reported by universities that commercialize their research.

Universities' Intellectual Property Stance Criticized

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Getting medicines to people who need them in developing countries is a top goal of public health experts worldwide, many of whom note that people are dying all the time of diseases for which treatments exist. Universities, whose scientists' research is crucial to many of those drugs and which enjoy a share of royalties on some of those drugs, are finding themselves drawn into a debate that has as much to do with the economics of the pharmaceutical industry as anything that takes place in a laboratory.

For 'Biosimilars,' Weighing Innovation vs. Access

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Last summer, the group representing major research universities endorsed legislation that sought to balance the interests of drug makers and the scientists whose work can translate into new advances in medicine. At least one group, however, is sounding the alarm that the bill would make it more difficult to bring cheap, generic drugs to the market -- at the expense of both American consumers and people in developing countries.

Churning Out Companies

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Annual survey of licensing and patents finds that universities created 542 start-ups and generated $2.4 billion in licensing revenue in 2008.

Small Grants, Lots of Goodwill

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U. of South Carolina's top two administrators, from engineering and public health, start program to offer funds to playwrights, musicians, big dreamers.


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