Foreign Students in U.S.

Canadian universities post large gains in international applications

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A Trump effect? Many Canadian universities are reporting large gains in international applications at the same time some American universities are seeing declines.

Nearly 4 in 10 universities report drops in international student applications

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Four in 10 colleges are seeing drops in applications from international students amid pervasive concerns that the political climate might keep them away.

Some Chinese students at UC San Diego condemn choice of Dalai Lama as commencement speaker

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Some at UC San Diego object to their university's choice of commencement speaker.

Macalester president explains sharply worded statement on immigration order

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Macalester president issues some of the harshest words yet from a higher ed leader on Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Students and scholars are stranded after Trump bars travel for nationals from 7 countries

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Students and scholars are among those affected by a sweeping executive order banning entry into the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Annual Open Doors report documents continued growth in international students in U.S. and U.S. students abroad

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Annual report finds that international enrollments climb at undergraduate and graduate level and decline at intensive English level. The number of Americans studying abroad continues to grow.

Implications of Trump's presidential victory for international and undocumented students

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Some fear Trump presidency could deter international students and put undocumented students at new risk.

Reuters investigates 'special relationship' between U.S. admissions officers and Chinese education company accused of fraud

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A Reuters investigation details how a Chinese company accused by multiple ex-employees of application fraud "bought access" to U.S. admissions officers.

Trump proposes "extreme vetting" and an ideological test for visas

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Republican candidate proposes a system for admittance to U.S. that critics say violates American and academic principles.

Saudi student numbers fall at many campuses

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Colleges have come to count on tuition from large numbers of Saudi Arabian students. After years of rapid growth, enrollments are declining on many campuses, in some cases precipitously.


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