Foreign Students in U.S.

Postdoc (Partial) Satisfaction

Most like their positions, but many have tight budgets and question whether they are actually being trained.

Unlikely 'Death Penalty' for a Tennis Team

Asked to predict which institution would join Southern Methodist University in the pantheon of worst rules violators in the history of college sports -- becoming only the second recipient of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's so-called death penalty -- most observers would have guessed highly visible repeat wrongdoers like Auburn University or the University of Kentucky.

Advice on Foreign Students

A new report says that the United States needs to change numerous policies on visas and security clearances.

A Different Kind of Fellowship

Ford Foundation's largest program helps foreign students others ignore -- and challenges assumptions on international exchange.

'Science Under Siege'

Throughout the Bush administration, the president's policies have been criticized by many scientists. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a new and harsh analysis of those policies.

Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.

Badges and Segregation

Pentagon's proposed rules for foreign researchers working on certain contracts anger universities.

Signs of a Thaw in China

State Department reports sharp rise in number of Chinese seeking visas to study in the United States.

Graduate Science Enrollments Grow

New data show increases for total pool, women, and minority students, but drop in first-time foreign students.

Academic-FBI Rapprochement

Bureau appoints panel of university presidents to advise it on relations with higher education.


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