Foreign Students in U.S.

International students recruited by agents less prepared for college

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New research suggests that students recruited through agents are likely to be less well-prepared for college.

Evaluation of foreign students' credentials may be getting short shrift

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In international education, has emphasis on recruiting overshadowed old-fashioned credential evaluation?

New study finds many foreign students lack American friends

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Study finds that nearly 40% of foreign students report having no close American friends. Those who study in the South have more American friends.

Four countries issue new standards for recruiting agents

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Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand issue joint statement on recruiting international students, backing system that remains controversial in the U.S.

North Dakota and New York stories raise questions about ensuring international quality

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Stories about colleges in New York and North Dakota highlight the lack of independent authority overseeing the quality of universities’ efforts abroad.

What do we know so far about changes to U.S. visa and immigration policies?

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Since Trump came into office, questions have swirled around U.S. visa and border policy. What’s changed so far, what hasn’t, and what does it all mean for higher education?

Survey of international students asks what they'd like their professors to improve

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Various surveys look at biggest academic challenges international students face and the availability of professional development opportunities for professors teaching in intercultural classrooms.

International educators grapple with changed political and social landscape

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Administrators who promote global agendas for colleges consider the newly politicized nature of their work.

Judge blocks enforcement of Trump's entry ban

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Judge's ruling cited impact on higher education; some students who were blocked from the U.S. a week ago are returning.

Study looks at link between international enrollment increases and state appropriation declines

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Analysis finds that a 10 percent reduction in state appropriations is associated with a 12-17 percent increase in international undergraduate enrollment at public research universities.


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