Foreign Students in U.S.

North Dakota and New York stories raise questions about ensuring international quality

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Stories about colleges in New York and North Dakota highlight the lack of independent authority overseeing the quality of universities’ efforts abroad.

Eastern Michigan and other universities tell international students '#YouAreWelcomeHere'

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Eastern Michigan University displays banners of 108 of its international students on campus as part of a national campaign to convey “You Are Welcome Here.”

Study finds new evidence of international student fears about the U.S. in Trump era

Not all prospective international students have changed their view of the United States, but plenty have -- especially from the Middle East and North Africa.

Reed used personal approach to attract international students in difficult year

Letter from college president highlighted approach that made clear that American higher ed doesn't back Trump policies.

Survey of more than 1,100 U.S. colleges looks at state of internationalization efforts

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Survey finds progress in comprehensive internationalization efforts. The top two priority activities for colleges are sending U.S. students abroad and recruiting international students.

'These are serious times' for international education, NAFSA conference goers told

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International education professionals meeting this week for NAFSA’s annual conference confront a difficult political environment.

Data show international graduates of U.S. colleges are winning right to stay in country and work

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Study shows approvals have gone up for "optional practical training" of up to three years. Students from China and India account for more than half of those winning the prized approvals.

What do we know so far about changes to U.S. visa and immigration policies?

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Since Trump came into office, questions have swirled around U.S. visa and border policy. What’s changed so far, what hasn’t, and what does it all mean for higher education?

Survey of international students asks what they'd like their professors to improve

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Various surveys look at biggest academic challenges international students face and the availability of professional development opportunities for professors teaching in intercultural classrooms.

International educators grapple with changed political and social landscape

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Administrators who promote global agendas for colleges consider the newly politicized nature of their work.


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