Foreign Students in U.S.

Report shows growth in international enrollments, study abroad

Open Doors data show foreign student enrollments are up 5.7 percent and study abroad 1.3 percent. For the first time in more than 10 years, top category of foreign student is undergraduates.

Tensions simmer between American and international students

Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.

International educators discuss problem of fraud

Fraud in international higher education is a very big business, experts at a global conference say.

International students recruited by agents less prepared for college

New research suggests that students recruited through agents are likely to be less well-prepared for college.

Evaluation of foreign students' credentials may be getting short shrift

In international education, has emphasis on recruiting overshadowed old-fashioned credential evaluation?

New study finds many foreign students lack American friends

Study finds that nearly 40% of foreign students report having no close American friends. Those who study in the South have more American friends.

Four countries issue new standards for recruiting agents

Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand issue joint statement on recruiting international students, backing system that remains controversial in the U.S.

North Dakota and New York stories raise questions about ensuring international quality

Stories about colleges in New York and North Dakota highlight the lack of independent authority overseeing the quality of universities’ efforts abroad.

New book looks at role international education has played in U.S.-Iran relations

Tens of thousands of Iranian students studied in the U.S. in the 1970s. New book tells how they helped unsettle the diplomatic relationship between Washington and Tehran in lead-up to Iranian Revolution.

Council of Graduate Schools survey finds declines in international applications, new enrollments

Council of Graduate Schools finds 1 percent decline in new international students and 3 percent decline in international applications. The dips were concentrated in master's programs and at less research-intensive universities.


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