Adult education

Solidarity No More?

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An institute for labor studies finds itself facing the ax -- and its supporters are striking back.

State Leaders Tackle Unit Records, Remediation

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At forum held by Education Commission of the States, policy makers grapple with tough higher ed issues.

Fiscal Prudence or Scare Tactics

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President of Pacific Oaks issues memo that alludes to possible closure, setting off debate over the institution's values and management.

Hub for Older Students Fears Its End

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Wayne State U. department serving large number of Detroit residents who had dropped or stopped out might close as part of larger budget cuts.

A Soldier's College

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A new Army program under development would essentially offer college credit for on-the-job training soldiers receive.

“If a guy did [information technology] in the army, wouldn’t it be nice if he could go to work with most of his degree done?” said Maj. Mark Van Hout, spokesman for the U.S. Army Accessions Command. “Or a medic? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could use their medic training toward a nurse’s degree, or a physician’s assistant degree?”

“I’m not saying when that soldier gets out, they’d be a physician’s assistant, but that they’d get credit for that.”

Transition to Bilingualism

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New Fairleigh Dickinson U. program doesn't require Korean students to excel in ESL before earning credits toward their degrees.

Getting Older Students Into the Mix

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Two states take different tacks to attract "nontraditional" learners -- one promoting short online courses, the other giving students a subsidized taste of college.

Many Adults Left Behind

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States' tuition and aid policies often hinder enrollment of those who most need higher education, analysis finds. Study focuses on non-traditional learners, key group especially for community colleges.

First-of-Their-Kind Graduates

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Four students with learning and developmental disabilities will earn degrees from Bellevue Community College next week, the first products of an unusual program.

Extension Goes National -- and Online

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Land grant universities try to reach more people by moving beyond the county and state model that has defined them for decades.


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