Mammoth Faculty Strike Looms

California State U. administration, professors' union at odds over pay and a range of other issues.

Faculty Salaries Up 3.8%

Survey finds greater growth at public institutions and continued wide variations by discipline.

Strike Halts 2-Year College's Classes

Classes at the Community College of Philadelphia were suspended indefinitely Tuesday morning as picketers gathered at building entrances for the start of a faculty and staff strike.

Off the Picket Lines

Tentative deal ends strike at Community College of Philadelphia; at California State U., fact finder's report may avert strike.

Real Pay Increases for Professors

Salary gains outpace inflation after 2 years of declines, AAUP finds. But survey also notes growing gaps among disciplines.

Progress for Adjuncts

Budget in Washington State narrows the pay gap between those on and off the tenure track.

How a Strike Was Averted

Faculty union and state university system in Pennsylvania reach an agreement that raises salaries -- and insurance premiums.

Scrutiny of Researcher-Industry Ties

U.S. senator asks universities about their oversight of professors' disclosure about payments they receive from drug companies.

A Prominent Public Targets Faculty Retention

UC Berkeley receives a $113 million gift to help keep some of its top professors from raids by private universities -- and stem a problem facing many of its peers.

The Public (Non-Salary) Advantage

In competition for faculty talent, private higher ed wins bidding wars, but new study suggests that on key employment policies, state institutions have the edge.


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