Faculty Demographics

New data show how faculty racial composition differs among sectors of colleges. On gender, data show equity at community colleges.

Faculty Removes a Union at Davenport

Full-time professors at Davenport University vote unanimously to end collective bargaining.

What They Earn Across the Quad

New research explains why gaps between disciplines are larger at some institutions than others.

Progress and Problems for Female Historians

Report documents advances by women in history departments -- and lingering impact of sexism, both overt and subtle, on careers.

Line in the Sand

Kent State professors consider a strike over plan to change their health benefits.

Watch Out for the New Guy

Faculty recruits at Marshall U. are getting salaries that are significantly higher than experienced professors. Guess who isn't happy.

Away From Their Desks

With classes about to start, Youngstown State has one union on strike -- and the faculty union may soon join the picket lines.

Get in Line for the Picket Line

As faculty members join classified employees, 70% of Youngstown State workers on strike.

Back to Class at Youngstown State

Faculty union ratifies contract late Sunday, and deal is struck with classified staff, too.

Rare Win for Private College Unions

NLRB rejects Carroll's argument that collective bargaining for professors would hurt institution's religious identity.


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