Cornell, Stanford go big on competition for New York City campus

With a week until the deadline, universities vying for a high-tech campus in New York City are competing on vision and size but are unsure of what deciding factors will be.

U. of Texas Grad Student on Trial in Iran

Science groups say a researcher is unfairly facing accusations of espionage.

Low-Hanging Fruit?

Looking for savings, Tennessee State eliminates "low-producing" majors, including physics and Africana studies. Critics ask why a black college would cut such offerings.

Brawl at Brown Over Who Owns Research

Brown moves to assert more rights to faculty inventions, and some professors are unhappy.

Going After Textbook Prices

A student group upset over high prices is now focusing on individual offerings -- starting with an intro physics book.

Building Student Interest in Science

One university's experiment involves English composition, better advising and living in a science-themed dorm.

Anti-Military Occupation at U. of Hawaii

Protesters have taken over the president's office at U. of Hawaii, objecting to plans for a new research deal with the Navy.

Turnaround for Women at Harvard

University pledges at least $50 million, creates new position and vows to consider numerous policy changes to aid female scientists.

'Science Under Siege'

Throughout the Bush administration, the president's policies have been criticized by many scientists. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a new and harsh analysis of those policies.

Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.


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