Court rulings

Delay of Affirmative Action Ban Rejected

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Federal appeals panel finds no reason to delay Michigan measure or let universities finish year with old policies.

A Freewheeling Academic Freedom Debate

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Stanley Fish, Elena Kagan and others mull recent case studies and hypothetical situations in a law school context.

Poking Holes in the State Immunity Shield

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Federal appeals panel decision may make it harder for public colleges to protect themselves from patent and other lawsuits.

Tobacco on Trial in California

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Regents tabled a decision on banning tobacco funding, but they may have done so without having all the information.

Defeat for Same-Sex Benefits

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Michigan appeals court says state ban on gay marriage also limits benefits public colleges can offer gay employees.

Big Win for Religious Colleges

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California Supreme Court, in 4-3 split, reverses lower court rulings to allow bond sales on behalf of "pervasively sectarian" institutions.

Win for Catholic Group in Church/State Fight

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Federal judge bars U. of Wisconsin at Madison from applying its anti-discrimination policies to religious organizations.

A More Porous Church-State Wall

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New court rulings and campus developments underscore the growing impact of a 1995 Supreme Court decision.

Defining Privacy -- and Its Limits

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Appeals court ruling outlines student rights with computers in dorm rooms -- and sets narrow exemptions for administrators.

Loss for Whistle Blowers

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Ruling by U.S. appeals court could undermine public college lawyers and employees who spot illegal or unethical activity.


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