Court rulings

Court OKs Reverse Discrimination Suit

Panel finds enough evidence to justify white female adjunct's challenge to hiring of black male colleague for full-time post.

Do Some Athletes Matter More?

Texas court dumps ruling saying that having an international reputation gives college stars special rights.

A Gag on Public Faculty?

A dispute in the Los Angeles D.A.'s office -- now reaching the U.S. Supreme Court -- could limit the rights of professors at state and local colleges.

A Supreme Battle Takes Shape

All parties weigh in on law denying funds to colleges that restrict campus access to military recruiters.

Judge Backs Universities on Same-Sex Benefits

Michigan ruling says state ban on gay marriage doesn't restrict health insurance.

N.Y. Court Backs College in Expulsion

Judge gives Le Moyne broad latitude in challenge by dismissed graduate student who endorsed corporal punishment.

Suit Allowed Over 'Monster Study'

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Friday that the University of Iowa could be sued for its role in a notorious research project, started in 1939, in which orphans were taught to stutter.

End of the Line for Wash. Affirmative Action Case

U.S. Supreme Court declines to consider challenge to admissions policy at the university's law school, 8 years after it was filed.

Inviting a Flurry of False Claims Cases

U.S. appeals court's ruling in recruiting incentives case would make individual suits against colleges easier.

Raises Ordered for U. of Wash. Faculty

Agreement between administrators and professors was binding, judge's ruling says, even if budgets were tight.


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