Court rulings

Survival of the Fittest Theory

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Federal judge rejects intelligent design curriculum as religious and non-scientific.

Canning Spam

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Supreme Court lets stand ruling favoring public university's policy on blocking unsolicited e-mail messages.

Freedom of Religious Items

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A Sikh student should be allowed to wear an ornamental knife, a judge ruled.

N.Y. Appeals Court Spanks Le Moyne

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Judges order college to reinstate student who was kicked out after he wrote paper endorsing corporal punishment.

Court Win for a Rule Breaker

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Ohio State breached its contract with a former basketball coach when it fired him for NCAA violations, a judge rules.

The Alito Impact

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Supreme Court will rehear case that could affect the free speech rights of public college professors.

When Freedom Isn't Freedom at All

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On Tuesday, more than five years after a university dean stopped the presses because she was not allowed to vet articles before publication, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider whether a student newspaper was illegally censored.

Slapped by the Supremes

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Unanimous court ruling in Pentagon case means colleges must grant full access to military recruiters or lose funds.

Law on Military Recruiters Upheld

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Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court says Solomon Amendment does not violate law schools' rights.

Whose House? Colgate's House

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Last week, for the second time in four months, a New York judge threw out a lawsuit brought by a group of alumni who sought to block Colgate University from purchasing their fraternity’s house.

Around 65 members of Beta Theta Pi, approximately 5 percent of the members of the alumni corporation, filed a lawsuit in October 2005, alleging that Colgate forced the sale against the will of some of the corporation.


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