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Whittier College's law school won't enroll new students

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After college announces decision by board, law school denounces the move.

Initial audit finds flaws in some law school employment reporting practices

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A random review finds five of 10 institutions fell short on backing up claims about graduates' job placement success.

New book, based on interviews with law deans and admissions officers, details impact of rankings

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Two sociologists interviewed law deans and admissions officers about impact of U.S. News rankings on legal education -- and their new book says impact is significant and generally negative.

The law school transfer market heats up, getting some deans hot under the collar

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Some law schools are going after large numbers of transfer students, seeking out new revenue and students with LSAT scores that won't count in the rankings game.

Law schools compete for students many may not have admitted in the past

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More law schools are admitting less qualified students. Are they prepared for what happens next?

A California law school ends discount pricing

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La Verne tries a radical approach to pricing. Could it catch on in legal education?

President Obama calls for cutting a year off of law school

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President Obama endorses idea that legal education is too expensive and too long.

Whittier Law School shutdown raises prospect of future closures and access for underrepresented students

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Plans to close law school spark questions about future shutdowns and worries about impact on student access.

Harvard law announces it will accept GRE, not just LSAT

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Move could change the debate in legal education about alternatives to the LSAT.

Proposed UNC policy would keep academic centers from taking part in lawsuits

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UNC board members want law school’s civil rights center to be barred from lawsuits and suing the state -- which the center has done with success in the past.


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