Law schools

Law Students in Search of Jobs

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Annual engagement survey points to frustrations over placement rates.

ABA May Drop LSAT Requirement

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Accreditation rules could change to allow law schools to decide for themselves whether applicants must report scores.

Politics and the Law Dean

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As search for a dean for Case Western Reserve's law school finally nears an end, a website opposing a conservative candidate has generated controversy.

Truth Without Consequences?

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Black U.Va. law student admits he made up police harassment story that prompted intense investigation. The university won't press charges against him.

Law School Dropouts

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Decisions by University of Delaware and other colleges to scrap law school plans highlight the difficulty of recouping high start-up costs.

Documenting the Decline of (Print) Law Reviews

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Surveying reviews' spotty compliance with reporting requirements, editor of The Green Bag finds their circulations in steep decline -- but does that necessarily mean lost influence?

Laboratory for Legal Scholarship

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A new law journal is actually a collection of would-be journals -- incubating experiments in nontraditional topics and formats in search of a market.

Rendition Under the Radar

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Law school at the University of Georgia has hired a professor who oversaw a well-known Bush-era terror case -- but so far few seem to have noticed.

Do We Need More Lawyers?

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Debate over planned law school at U. of California at Irvine raises questions of supply and demand.


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