Law schools

Going After the Little Guys

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The Pentagon has cited three independent law schools for barring military recruiters -- but what about Harvard?

A Supreme Battle Takes Shape

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All parties weigh in on law denying funds to colleges that restrict campus access to military recruiters.

Ordered Back to Louisiana

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Tulane law school tells students they have no choice but to be in New Orleans in January, and some are not happy.

Too Many Law Schools?

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Don’t tell that to administrators at the numerous colleges that have opened or are contemplating new ones.

Web of Lies

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A law professor who became a conservative cause célèbre resigns after parts of his story unravel.

The Supremes Scrutinize Solomon

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Justices seem inclined to uphold law that bars federal funds to campuses that restrict military recruiters.

Goofing Off in Law School

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Survey finds serious slippage in student levels of academic engagement in third year.

Legal Pressure

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Clinical law professors, who often stick their necks out when picking cases, consider how to protect themselves.

A Win for Anti-Bias Policies

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Federal judge says public university doesn't have to recognize student groups that discriminate.

Law Deans Criticize Their Accreditor

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Group seeks to force ABA to change standard requiring tenure or similar protection for clinical professors and librarians.


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