Law schools

Harvard Law Alters First-Year Program

Rare curricular change includes focus on international law, statutes and regulations.

Lawyers Who Can Read

Changes in store for admissions test used by law schools.

Beyond the First Year

Stanford Law's plan to revamp curriculum in years 2 and 3 includes more joint degree programs and chances for students to explore other graduate courses.  

Rough Ride for Law School Accreditor

ABA panned by Education Department panel, but its diversity standard survives.

Proxies for Race

Wayne State law professors will vote on new admissions approach after Michigan nixed affirmative action. Are they being creative or evasive?

Torts, Trials and ... Treatments

Panel suggests law schools do more to ensure that high-risk students can find help.

Little Talk of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

The U.S. Supreme Court may have unanimously squelched a First Amendment challenge on the part of law schools to a 1994 law tying federal funding to campus access for military recruiters back in March.

More Moral and Practical Law Schools

A new study from the Carnegie Foundation finds room for improvement in legal education.

A Freewheeling Academic Freedom Debate

Stanley Fish, Elena Kagan and others mull recent case studies and hypothetical situations in a law school context.

Anti-Hmong Comments Set Off a Law School

Wisconsin dean apologizes for pain caused by professor's remarks, but says that intent was not to hurt.


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