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Cornell Law: Lady Gaga or Gone Gaga?

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Why is a somewhat pathetic fictional character among the distinguished lawyers honored on its Web site?

Taking Sides

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In key Supreme Court case, major higher ed associations back right of public colleges to apply anti-bias policies to religious student groups. Some Christian colleges object.

Law School Tenure in Danger?

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The American Bar Association is moving ahead with changes in its accreditation system that faculty members fear could erode tenure protections for many professors and further weaken job security for clinical faculty members, many of whom don't have tenure to start with.

Hungry for Jobs

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If new law graduates can't find jobs, whose fault is that? Are the latest crops of new graduates just unlucky to be job-hunting in the worst economic downturn in decades? Are law schools admitting too many students without being fully open about the job market?

Questioning 'Unemployed J.D.'

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When a recent law school graduate announced a hunger strike this month, many rallied around "Ethan Haines," as he described himself. Within the blogosphere, and among many legal educators, there is worry about the tight job market for new law grads, and debate over whether too many students are being admitted to law school.

Is Tenure Fair at Law Schools?

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Survey documents significant gaps by gender and race in how professors consider the question.

Law Students in Search of Jobs

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Annual engagement survey points to frustrations over placement rates.

ABA May Drop LSAT Requirement

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Accreditation rules could change to allow law schools to decide for themselves whether applicants must report scores.

Politics and the Law Dean

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As search for a dean for Case Western Reserve's law school finally nears an end, a website opposing a conservative candidate has generated controversy.

Truth Without Consequences?

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Black U.Va. law student admits he made up police harassment story that prompted intense investigation. The university won't press charges against him.


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