President Obama calls for cutting a year off of law school

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President Obama endorses idea that legal education is too expensive and too long.

Nevada student files lawsuit about explicitly sexual class assignments

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A Nevada community college student files a federal lawsuit over explicitly sexual class assignments and alleged harassment.

Law schools gather in DC for annual conference

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The Association of American Law Schools gathers in Washington today, but with few mentions of the crisis in legal education on the agenda.

Anthropologist examines how for-profits wrought change among law schools

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Author of new study of for-profit legal education sector answers questions about the book and potential lessons for policy makers.

Charlotte School of Law missed deadline to remain open

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The Charlotte School of Law missed two deadlines set by state regulators and has asked for an extension to stay open.

UNC system edges closer to shutting down civil rights litigation at Chapel Hill

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Academic leaders decry “ideological hit” on Center for Civil Rights at UNC Chapel Hill.

Pulse podcast features interview about new digital legal education platform

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This month's episode of The Pulse podcast features an interview with Vikram Savkar, vice president and general manager for legal education at Wolters Kluwer, about Connected Casebook.


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