Gotcha Student Journalism

Smart Title: 
A new publication at the U. of Tennessee is focusing -- in a very personal way -- on allegations of a professor-student affair.

New Scrutiny on Law School Data

Smart Title: 
Lawyers announce plans to sue 15 institutions, charging that they inflate statistics about job placement rates.

'Irvine 11' Found Guilty

Smart Title: 
In unusual case of prosecution related to a campus protest, students sentenced to probation and community service.

Blogger Gets the Last Laugh

Smart Title: 
Website mocking photographs used by Washington University in St. Louis is once again active.

Documenting the Decline of (Print) Law Reviews

Smart Title: 
Surveying reviews' spotty compliance with reporting requirements, editor of The Green Bag finds their circulations in steep decline -- but does that necessarily mean lost influence?

Laboratory for Legal Scholarship

Smart Title: 
A new law journal is actually a collection of would-be journals -- incubating experiments in nontraditional topics and formats in search of a market.

Dean, School of Law

Date Announced: 
Wed, 05/04/2011


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